POSTED ON : 3 Jan, 2020

Marketing techniques for small businesses

Every entrepreneur opens a business with a dream to make it successful and earn money. Small business generally faces two major issues either they are not much aware of marketing techniques or they don’t have enough money to hire any consultant. Also in the starting phase, one has already invested so much in the business that they don't have a big amount of money to invest in the busi   Read More

POSTED ON : 1 May, 2019


With the increase of the importance of mobile app development, we generally see people talking about the UI/UX design.  But  most of the people consider them same and use these term interchangeably.  In reality, they are quite different from each other  & have their own importance.   

UI stands for User Interface and UX stands for User Experience. In    Read More

POSTED ON : 11 Sep, 2019

History of Android

Android has changed drastically from its birth. In this journey, Android  has been transformed  visually, conceptually and functionally from time to time. In 2008, it was very basic but with time it evolved. 

   Read More

POSTED ON : 1 Jun, 2019


In past, iPhone apps were only developed in Objective-C  but from last few years Swift language is launched by Apple which is now used by most of the iOS developers. So  general question arises in everyone’s mind, that which one is better.

About Objective-C

Objective-C was created by Brad Cox  and Tom Love  in the early 1980s at their company name S   Read More

POSTED ON : 1 Aug, 2019

Native Vs. Hybrid - What’s differences ?

With the increase in mobile users, the importance of mobile app development is also increased day by day. When we consider of developing mobile apps, the first question arise  in our mind is “Which technologies we have to choose? We should develop native app or hybrid app. So sometimes due to lack of knowledge we go with the wrong one. So following are the key facto   Read More