With the increase of the importance of mobile app development, we generally see people talking about the UI/UX design.  But  most of the people consider them same and use these term interchangeably.  In reality, they are quite different from each other  & have their own importance.   

UI stands for User Interface and UX stands for User Experience. In general, we can say User Interface and User Experience both play a pivotal role in mobile application development.  Apps first impression is created by its UI/UX.   

What is User Interface Design? 

User Interface of mobile application means how app will look ?  In simple language, it mainly focus on the presentation of the app.  User interface(UI) is all about those pixel obsessed designers who thoughtfully select typography, colors and images, define grids and padding – all in order to create a user interface that communicates your identity. A good interface reflects the identity of brand and the brand value.

What is User Experience Design? 
User Experience  of mobile application means what the user feel about the app?  UX mainly comprises of customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.  A good UX designer is the one who has an exact knowledge, after an extensive research, on target audience, industry niche and user demands along with current and future market trends. It’s more about an upgraded version of UI and design and enhancing the focus more on usability and interaction.

                    User Interface + User Experience = Creative Design 

Importance of UI/UX design in app development 

An excellent User Interface will create an instant attraction to your app while a superb User Experience will put a lasting impact on your users’ mind. It is therefore vital to get both of them right if you want your app to be successful. Reasons why it is important are mentioned below: 

  • Increase brand value

   If we invest in UI/UX design in effective way, it will help to increase the customer satisfaction and hence become your clients. 
Investing in an efficient Ul/UX design helps in increasing customer satisfaction hence ending up with happy clients. So also focus on providing new features and upgrades. So this increases the credibility of your business as a client creates good relationships with your company and brand. The result of this is the growth in the value of your business and your brand name.

  •  Enhance customer engagement and improve ROI 

A great design provides your customers with engaging content and easy navigation. This makes the customer satisfied with the services of your application. Satisfied clients will always recommend your app to others. This leads to an increase in customers. Increase in customers means increase in ROI. 

  •   Understand target audience

Before starting working on the design end, if you ask your client a simple question like target industry, target audience. It will be help you to develop app according to audience. Your app will attract the audience you build it for. Understanding your audience makes it easy to convert the prospective customers into your loyal customers hence increasing actual sales.

  •  Save  time & money

If you focus on UI/ UX design from the first day, then only minimal chance left that your client find any issue. A perfect product will not need frequent updates from design end soon and therefore saves you money and time you would have spent on developing an update. 

A great UI/ UX design gives a user realistic feeling while using the app. It satisfies the   expectations of the users, enables your loyalty program, drives sales, adds value to your brand images, and much more. So, never negotiate  the appearance of the application.  So develop apps with great UI/UX design, contact the best mobile app development team. 

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