Every entrepreneur opens a business with a dream to make it successful and earn money. Small business generally faces two major issues either they are not much aware of marketing techniques or they don’t have enough money to hire any consultant. Also in the starting phase, one has already invested so much in the business that they don't have a big amount of money to invest in the business. 


Here are some important marketing techniques: 

  •  Publish Great Content

No one can neglect the power of words. Get a benefit of great content writing in various ways to reach your target audience. If you are not so comfortable in writing then take help from someone who is familiar with it. 

  • DIY Infographics

             Infographics are the best tool to attract more and more audience. Infographics are easy to digest, visual eye candy and people also love to share this stuff. You can work on this if you have a knowledge of tools like Photoshop and most important if you are creative. 

  • Flyer & Poster 

Flyer and Poster are the most appropriate way to reach your target audience. The flyer should be brief and all services should be highlighted and most important your complete contact information should be written on them.  

Poster’s prove helpful when we showcase them in the right place. While creating a poster we should keep in mind the content, color, target audience and also the right place to implement it. 

  • Online Contests/ Poll

People generally love to participate in polls and contests. It helps to engage your customers and attract others towards you. Take the benefit of this technique in the right way to get fruitful results. 

  •   Business Cards

Business cards give you a quick way to exchange information and they can lend some credibility and professionalism, too. You can meet potential clients, vendors, or even employees pretty much anywhere, so you want to be prepared.

  • Host an Event 

To maintain a perfect relationship with your existing clients and to earn new clients hosting a customer appreciation event can be a smart move. You’ll be able to make sales while getting to know your customer base. Prepare the right plan to organize an event and get engaged with your clients. This way is very helpful to increase the customer base.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is used by thousands of businesses of all sizes across the globe. Those who are unfamiliar with this method of marketing may not immediately understand why it is so popular amongst companies in a variety of industries

Marketing is important at all steps. So don’t ignore it and give time to marketing also. It help you to achieve your goals and targets.