Mobile apps have made our daily life very convenient. On-demand app services like Uber, Seamless and TaskRabbit, you can get a ride to the store, order food, even hire someone to clean your home, only with the use of your fingertips. 

On-demand app development is developing at a rapid pace as the number of firms is fulfilling the user’s demands by the quick provisioning of goods and services. Because of the high popularity of on-demand apps so many entrepreneurs are investing their money in the development of mobile apps.  

As per a survey by Pew Research Center, 72% of the population from developed nations is utilizing on-demand service mobile apps. Additionally, a survey by Harvard Business Review says that the number of On-Demand Mobile App users is on the rise and they incorporate all the age groups.


Features of an On-Demand App Solution

  • Payment Gateways

With multiple payment options like net banking, E-wallets, credit/debit cards, allow users to pay for the order using safe and secure payment mode

  • Geo-Location Integration

Once users place the order for the service/product, allow them to track the delivery status with real-time updates. In fact, users can check the estimated arrival time of the service provider.

  • Fortified and organized Delivery Preferences

With one or two simple taps, users can place the order for the desired service or product. Choose from the range of services/products, this feature helps users to order on the go, filling required detail.

  • Booking Module

Allow app users to make a booking for the service whether it is a taxi, salon, courier service or any other service. With one simple-tap, users can book service as per the need.

  • Cancellations

 The option for cancellation of the service should be given because the user can feel like canceling the service before it starts or in the middle of the process.   

  • Ratings or Reviews

 Users should be able to share their experience regarding services in the form of rating or through giving feedback. This also helps in improving the business to meet the requirements of the user.

  • Help and Support

 In case of user does not understand the usage of the app he can seek the required support and help.


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